Rivet Nuts

Material: Stainless steel, Steel(zinc, chrome plated), Aluminum


Head: Flat head, small/reduced/thin head, countersunk head

Body: Bare/smooth circular body, knurled body,full-hex body, half-hex body

End: Open-end, closed-end


Rivet Nut is used primarily to install threads in sheet or plate metal while Blind rivet nuts are ideal for many and varied applications including automotive, electronics and sheet metal enclosures, requiring load bearing threads especially on thin sheet metal. Our rivet nuts are available in Industry-standard dimensions and other non-standard dimensions.


Advantages of Rivet Nut

*Provide a strong thread in thin materials that cannot be tapped.

*Easy to disassemble and reassemble.

*Once installed, additional components with threaded fasteners can be attached.

*Pre-painted material will not be damaged during the installation process.

*Available in many different styles and materials.

*Ideal replacement for weld nuts.

*Fast assembly time, more efficient, simple installation.

*Will not distort base material.

*Eliminates weld splatter, toxic fumes, and other by-products of the welding process.

*Can be installed in many different kinds of material including steel, plastic, composites, and fiberglass.

*Can be widely used in the industries such as  automobile, aviation, railway, elevator, switches, refrigeration facility, instruments, furniture, decoration, boat, tent, mechanical,electrical assembly, light industrial products, medical equipment and so on.

Accept non-standard fasteners, welcome to send us drawing files.