What is rivet nut

Rivet nuts (also known by tradenames such as rivnuts, nutserts & avdels) are available in body styles of round, splined, hexagonal and square – head styles of flat, flanged, low profile and countersunk in materials such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel and brass.

Rivet nuts are internally threaded fasteners inserted into brittle or thin materials that are not suitable for hole tapping. Rivet nuts mate with screws and bolts, and require access to only one sside of the materials for proper installation. These fasteners have aerospece, automotive, electronics, and marine applications and are often used in tubing.

Rivet Nut is used primarily to install threads in sheet or plate metal where a drilled and tapped thread is not an option. Our rivet nuts are available in Industry-standard dimensions and are interchangeable with rivet nuts from other leading suppliers.

Why are rivet nuts so popular?

If the back of your fastening material is unaccessable, rivet nuts may suit your application. They can be installed in designs where access to the joint is limited to one side.

They also have many other advantages.

Rivet nuts

  • are cost-effective;
  • suit sheet metal, plastics, and tubular materials;
  • do not damage surface finishes of galvanized or pre-painted materials;
  • do not deform the target material;
  • easily install into the base material with a hand tool;
  • do not require heat or expensive presses for installation;
  • are simple to assemble and disassemble;
  • give strong load bearing threads in material to 0.20 in. (0.5 mm);
  • suit a wide range of material thicknesses.


Doublwin® stainless steel rivet nut will satisfy you well!

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